About Us

As one of the fastest-growing mechanical contracting firms in central New Jersey, The YETKA Corporation combines decades of experience in construction management on mechanical and plumbing projects with high standards of professionalism and service.

Since incorporation in 1973 our list of clients has increased dramatically thoughout New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Along with this record growth, a unique management philosophy has also evolved which integrates a nucleus of highly skilled engineers, designers, draftsmen and cons- truction managers with experts in the critical areas of job estimating, accounting and computer technology.

Two generations of the YETKA family, working together with this loyal team of professionals, have dedicated their efforts to providing a high level of personal service to clients.

The YETKA team also prides itself on working closely with all parties involved in the construction process. Since this frequently necessitates furnishing information on cost analysis, construction techniques and materials selection, the firm has gone on-line with an advanced management information and control system to expedite this process.

This also enables the firm to stay abreast of new technologies and innovative energy management techniques.

The YETKA Corporation also provides a fully staffed design and engineering department for clients requiring a comprehensive, one-supplier service. Another dimension of the firm's extensive capabilities, which contributes to its well deserved reputation for fast track work, is the on-premise warehouse and fabrication facility.

Comprising 10,000 square feet, this plan operation permits YETKA personnel to prefabricate various components and store them safely until needed on the job site.

The firm is bonded and state qualified on projects up to $15 million and holds professional membership in the American Society of Plumbing Engineers.

George Yetka has more than 30 years experience on large mechanical contracting jobs in excess of $5 million. His leadership, energy and dedication have set the high standards practiced by everyone associated with the firm.